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Mechanical breakdown coverage. Purchased online, anytime at a fixed monthly price.

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mechanical breakdown coverage that adds up

With costly mechanical issues almost certain down the road, olive is peace of mind that goes with you.

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From urban driving to cross country exploration, olive travels with you. However bold the journey, we’re there to make sure “you have reached your destination” with your wallet intact.

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Give us a few pieces of information and we’ll give you coverage you can afford.

customize your plan

You’re in the driver’s seat. Choose your level of coverage, deductible, and monthly payment plan to fit your budget.

live life covered

You have instant online access to coverage, and filing a claim is as easy as the tap of your finger.

instant. affordable. comprehensive.

olive is shaking up the way drivers look at extended warranties and protection beyond basic insurance. With frictionless online signup, convenient monthly payment plans, and instant coverage, olive provides the coverage you need, only a few clicks away. when we say “instant coverage”, we mean it: with our no waiting period coverage you sign up today and get covered by midnight tonight!

payment freedom

Prices are fixed for the life of your term, and you can cancel anytime. We earn your business every month.

bite sized

At olive, we keep things bite sized. Bloated plans and middleman markups are the pits. We personalize your rate for your vehicle so you don’t pay a penny more than you should.

ready to pick

Life moves quickly, and so should your coverage. Choose olive today, and you’re covered tomorrow.

it’s your party

We don’t employ fast-talking salespeople. We focus on providing you the tools you need to choose the right coverage all online with coverage advocates standing by if you need extra support.

proven roots

A promise is only as good as the one making it. All of our plans are backed by a global insurer with a consistent “A” rating from A.M. Best, an “A+” rating from Standard & Poor and over $15 Billion in 2019 assets under protection.“A” rating from the BBB.

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We’re tech savvy, trustworthy… just like you.

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what brands does olive cover?

just about olive them!

From audi extended warranty solutions to VW extended warranty solutions, including just about every American, Japanese, Korean and European brand, olive has you covered with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California and Vehicle Service Contracts throughout the rest of the USA.