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olive’s mechanical breakdown insurance and vehicle service contracts provide similar (sometimes better) coverage on your used auto than what you would get from a new auto’s manufacturer’s extended auto warranty, and with more customizable options.

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Prices are fixed for the life of your term. Monthly payment and coverage options. Choose the deductibles, coverage level, and the ability to cancel at any time: the power is in your hands. We earn your business every month.

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Unlike other providers that require a 30 day and/or 1,000 mile waiting period, olive’s vehicle service contract kicks in at midnight of your first monthly payment.
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no yearly mileage restrictions

If your car has 140,000 miles or less we will cover you up to 185,000. You can drive those extra 45,000 miles in less than a year and still be covered. Only 100,000 miles on your car? You can drive another 85,000 miles!

it's yours to cancel anytime

We don’t employ fast-talking salespeople. we focus on providing you the tools you need to choose the right coverage all online with coverage advocates standing by if you need extra support. We strive to earn your business every month-you can cancel anytime.

Google 5-Star & BBB A+ ratings

Our products, customer service, and reputation for excellence have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve partnered with some of the insurance industry’s largest companies to back us. olive is in the business of helping you live life covered!

average repair costs with and without olive

Engine Replacement

without olive

average cost of repair


just your deductible


without olive

average cost of repair


just your deductible


without olive

average cost of repair


just your deductible

olive our plans.

olive’s vehicle service contract provides similar (sometimes better) coverage than what you would get from a manufacturer’s extended auto warranty, and with more customizable options.

olive powertrain plus

 olive powertrain plus vehicle service contract takes the benefits of our olive powertrain plan and turns it up a notch! Covering more than just the major parts, olive powertrain plus includes power steering, front suspension, brakes, and air conditioning components.

olive complete care

olive complete care vehicle service contract coverage is so comprehensive it’s easier to tell you what is excluded.  While tires and windshield wipers are not covered because they are wear and tear items, just about everything else is covered from your back up assist camera, to your transmission control module-we have olive it covered.

olive powertrain

olive powertrain vehicle service contract gives you the peace of mind that your drive-train is covered wherever you travel. olive powertrain covers all of the most expensive items, including every lubricated part of your transmission and engine. It covers other expensive repairs such as your water and oil pumps, thermostat. Got a factory turbocharger? Covered. And that's just the beginning.

  • icon-0 engine
  • icon-1 engine cooling & fuel
  • icon-2 transmission
  • icon-3 four-wheel drive (4x4)
  • icon-4 all wheel drive (AWD)
  • icon-5 front-wheel drive
  • icon-6 rear-wheel drive
  • icon-7 front suspension
  • icon-8 rear suspension
  • icon-9 steering
  • icon-10 braking system
  • icon-11 anti-lock brakes
  • icon-12 air conditioning / heating
  • icon-13 electrical
  • icon-14 instrumentation
  • icon-15 power group
  • icon-16 luxury group
  • icon-17 engine emissions
  • icon-18 safety systems
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
All Internal Lubricated Parts
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Heads
Diesel Injector Pump
Engine Seals and Gaskets
Freeze/Core/Welch Plugs
Harmonic Balancer & Bolt
High-Pressure Oil Pump (Diesel)
High-Pressure Oil Rails (Diesel)
Manifold (Exhaust & Intake)
Metal Fuel Lines
Oil Filter Adapter Housing
Oil Pan
Oil Pump
Serpentine Belt Tensioner
Thermostat Housing
Timing Belt, Gears & Sprocket
Timing Chain – Cover
Timing Chain & Timing Gears
Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator
Valve Covers
Variable Valve Actuators
Variable Valve Timing Solenoids
Water Pump
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Active Grille Shutter System
Coolant Temperature Switch
Cooling Fan, Clutch & Motor
EGR Cooler
Engine Oil Cooler
Fuel and Cooling Systems Seals & Gaskets
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pressure Sensor
Fuel Pump
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Metal Fuel Lines
Radiator Fan Relay
Transmission Oil Cooler
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Bell Housing
Drive/Flex Plate
Gear Shifter & Shifter Mechanism
Torque Converter
Transfer Case & All Internal Parts
Transmission Case & All Internal Parts
Transmission Control Module
Transmission Oil Pan
Transmission Range Switch
Transmission Seals and Gaskets
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Automatic Front Locking Hubs
Axle Shafts
Axle Shaft Bearings
Disconnect Housing Assembly
Drive Axle Housing & All Internal Parts
Drive Axle Housing Seals & Gaskets
Drive Shaft Assemblies (Front & Rear)
Drive Shaft Center Bearings
Locking Rings
Transfer Case & All Internal Parts
Transfer Case Seals & Gaskets
Transfer Case Shift Motor
Universal Joints
Wheel Bearings
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Differential Coupling Housing Assembly
Differential Coupling Control Module
Differential Housing Cover
Differential Seals & Gaskets
Drive Axle Housing & All Internal Parts
Power Transfer Unit & All Internal Parts
Vacuum Motor
Viscous Coupler
Wheel Bearings
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Axle Shaft Assemblies
Constant Velocity Joints & Boots
Differential Cover
PRNDL Position Switch
Shifter Mechanism
Torque Converter
Transaxle Case & All Internal Parts
Transaxle Electronic Control Module
Transaxle Seals & Gaskets
Transaxle Solenoid Assembly
Transaxle Speed Sensors
Wheel Bearings
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Axle Shafts
Axle Shaft Bearings
Differential Seals & Gaskets
Driveshaft Center Bearings
Rear Axle Housing & All Internal Parts
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Air Suspension System
Coil Springs
Control Arm Shafts & Bushings
Kingpins & Bushings
Linkage & Bushings
MacPherson Struts
Spindle & Spindle Supports
Stabilizer Bar
Thrust Arms
Torsion Bars
Upper & Lower Ball Joints
Upper & Lower Control Arms
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Auxiliary Springs
Axle Trac Bar
Lateral Link Arm
Rear Coil Springs
Rear Leaf Springs
Rear Stabilizer/Sway Bar, Link & Bushing
Rear Trailing Arm Assembly
Rear Torsion Arms & Bars
Spring Bushing, Shackle & Hanger
Struts, Mounting Plates & Bushings
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Column Lock (Tilt Wheel)
Control Valve
Drag Link
Electronic Steering Motor Control Module
Idler Arm
Inner/Outer Tie Rods
Pitman Arm
Power Steering Gear
Power Steering & Metal Lines
Power Steering Motors
Power Steering Pump
Power Steering Pump Cooler
Power Steering Pump Reservoir
Pulley Assembly for Power Steering Pump
Rack & Pinion Assembly
Rack & Pinion Boots
Seals & Gaskets
Stabilizer Bar
Steering Gear Housing & All Internal Parts
Steering Shafts (Upper & Lower)
Telescoping Steering Column Motors
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Backing Plates
Brake Pedal Shaft
Clips & Retainers
Combination Valve
Disc Brake Calipers & Pistons
Master Cylinder
Metal Lines & Fittings
Parking Brake Linkage & Cables
Power Brake Booster
Proportioning Valve
Self Adjusters
Wheel Cylinders
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
ABS Hydraulic Control Assembly
Acceleration/Deceleration Sensor
Electronic ABS Control Module
Steering Angle Sensor
Wheel Speed Sensors
Yaw Rate Sensor
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
A/C Clutch & Clutch Bearings
A/C Compressor
A/C Compressor Clutch Switch
A/C Compressor Head
A/C Control Power Module
A/C System Seals & Gaskets
Blend Door Actuators & Motors
Blower Motor Resistor
Clutch Cycling Switch
Compressor Seals
Expansion Valve
Front & Rear A/C / Heater Blower Motor
Front & Rear Evaporator
Front Instrument Panel Control Assembly
Heater Core
High-Pressure Cut-Off Switch
Low-Pressure Cut-Off Switch
Rear Instrument Panel Control Assembly
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Audio Amplifier
Body Control Module
Coil Pack Assembly
Distributor Assembly
Electronic Fuel Injection System
Engine Control Module (Single Module Engine Controller)
Fuel Pump
Height Adjustment Compressor
Horn Assemblies
Ignition Coil
Ignition Control Module
Ignition Switch
Manually Operated Electrical Switches
Navigation Systems-Factory Installed (excludes Navigation Disc)
Neutral Safety Switch
Oil Level & Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Switch
Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Switch
Powertrain Control Module
Radiator Fan Relay
Radio, Speakers & Rear Entertainment Systems – Factory Installed (includes CD & DVD Players)
Rear Window Defroster (electrical portion only)
Starter Motor
Starter Motor Solenoid
Temperature Sending Unit/Switch
Transmission Control Module
Voltage Regulator
Wiper Control Module
Wiper Motors
Wiring Harness (Excluding Spark Plug Wires)
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Amp/Voltmeter Gauge
Electronic Instrument Cluster
Fuel Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Odometer & Speedometer (Including All Cables)
Oil Pressure Gauge
Temperature Gauge
Turbo Gauge
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Power Antenna
Power Door Locks & Linkage
Power Door Locks Latch Assembly
Power Liftgate
Power Seat Motors
Power Sliding Rear Window Motor & Regulator (Trucks)
Power Window Motors
Power Window Regulator
Vacuum Pump
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
120V Outlets
Adaptive Cruise Control Systems
Adaptive Headlamp System (excluding lamp housing/bulbs/LED)
Back-Up Assist Camera
Concealed Headlamp Module
Convertible Top Motor
Cruise Control Servo
Door Latches
Electric Mirror Motor & Controls
Headlight Door Motor
Heated Seat Systems
Heated Steering Wheel
In-Vehicle Wireless Charging Station
Keyless Entry Receiver/Module
Keyless Entry Sensors & Receiver/Module
Message Center
Overhead Electronic Compass/Temperature
Overhead Electronic Vehicle Information Center
Park Assist Module
Park Assist Sensors
Power Sunroof Motor
Remote Start System – Factory Installed
Trip Computer
USB Outlets
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Air Injection Valve
Air Pump
Aspirator Tube
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) System
EGR Cooler
EGR Tube
EGR Valve
Evaporative System Detector/Monitor
Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
Knock Sensor
Leak Detection Pump
Oxygen Sensor
Purge Solenoid
Vapor Canister
Complete CarePowertrain PlusPowertrain
Airbags (excluding deployed airbags)
Air Bag Clock Spring
Air Bag Control Modules
Impact Sensors
Occupancy Sensors
Seat Belt Buckles
Seat Belt Buck Switches
Seat Belt Retractors
Seat Belt Tensioner

keeping customers like you happy

Google 5-Star and BBB A+ Rating 


olive extended car warranty bbb A rating

Just started with the service on 1-19-21. So far it seems like everything will be on the up and up. Everything that I'm looking for in regards to the extended warranty.thanks
Tamara Litt
Tamara Litt
19:43 19 Jan 21
I am completely satisfied. Very prompt service, very professional, great value.
Gregory Mitchell
Gregory Mitchell
19:26 19 Jan 21
Fernando ReyHorrible service. I purchased my car from a large reputable dealer and decided to buy my own car warranty. Buying Olive was a mistake. My car broke down on the freeway, and was towed to mechanic. Olive gave grief to my mechanic and 3 months later, I still haven't been reimbursed for my towing and car rental (despite several calls and emails).Don't buy Olive, go with another reputable company
Fernando Rey
Fernando Rey
23:10 14 Jan 21
Barbara was very helpful and answered all my questions.👍thanks for the excellent service👍👍
Andrew Ibarra
Andrew Ibarra
01:56 14 Jan 21
Barbara was pleasant and easy to work with.
Walt Webb
Walt Webb
05:57 09 Jan 21
Nancy Dubon
Nancy Dubon
01:25 08 Jan 21
Arnie, was a great professional making sure to answer all my questions. Never made me feel like I wasn't important but took his time to make sure I understood what I could expect from him and the company. GREAT JOB 👍👌
Ann Ambriz
Ann Ambriz
14:38 06 Jan 21
Very happy Representative, Barbara Guerra, contacted me regarding auto maintenance on our Jeep Compass. She was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my needs. I most definitely will tell family and friends about Olive auto warranty repairs.
Claudia Michelle Price
Claudia Michelle Price
01:43 05 Jan 21
Barbara was excellent to work with on establishing my coverage. Very professional and responded to my emails in a timely manner. She answered all my questions via phone.
Jo Ann Acosta
Jo Ann Acosta
23:48 04 Jan 21
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
00:01 31 Dec 20
Obtaining MBI coverage in California can be challenging. The most advertised company doesn't offer coverage in Ca. Options are limited and some have many hurdles like waiting periods of 30 days and 1000 miles(both have to be met) Note: Driving 1000 miles during Lockdown Pandemic orders is nearly impossible anytime soon. Most don't offer a payment plan option either, so pony up $$$ or nothing. However this is not the case with Olive at all. No waiting periods of any kind, payment plans (no fee) choose from 3 different deductibles, provide basic info on car and a payment source and you're done!Quite easy and straightforward!Arnie was the gentleman who assisted me with my many questions as I have used another provider for the last 3 years and had several questions- I am very pleased with the enrollment process and hope to be equally pleased should I need to use the service.So far so perfect!
Jay Gold
Jay Gold
20:40 30 Dec 20
LYNN Diggs
LYNN Diggs
18:58 18 Dec 20
Steven Marquardt
Steven Marquardt
18:01 17 Dec 20
I like the month-to month contract and the availability of a high deductible.All was explained well. I look forward to a long relationship.
Richard Ellingson
Richard Ellingson
18:23 11 Dec 20
Hi,I was helped by Barbara and she was very skilled, courteous and professional.
Daniel Dillon
Daniel Dillon
23:53 10 Dec 20
Miss Olive was simple wonderful. She was a more than wonderful, she was GREAT AND AS A RESULT i WILL BE WITH YOU FOR LIFE!
Jerome Dixon
Jerome Dixon
23:35 09 Dec 20
It is good to be completely covered.
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer
02:41 03 Dec 20
Process was super easy. Service provides good peace of mind.
Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson
07:59 24 Nov 20
Max Newman
Max Newman
00:29 20 Nov 20
Fantastic! My rep was amazing and so nice. Very happy
Music Starz
Music Starz
21:13 16 Nov 20
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson
23:22 11 Nov 20
lloyd alvin manansala
lloyd alvin manansala
02:53 07 Nov 20
Just signed up for the service. Very easy and professional. No pressure or up selling.
Gregg Keyes
Gregg Keyes
20:19 05 Nov 20
I bought this extended warranty for my Elantra that had 60k miles. Bought it on the 15th after speaking to a rep. for over an hour. I was sent an email stating within 24 hours I would get the policy contract details , in addition they would be mailed. I received the email with the policy attachment on the morning of the 30th and received the paper copy on the 29th. On the 20th with no warning my car wouldn't start , I had already put approx. 300 more miles since getting the policy so I had it towed to Hyundai and was told the diagnosis/timing chain issues. Olive wanted an EXTENSIVE TEST done that costed an extra $500. After asking for several items , oil change receipts, information on the car etc... I was told the claim was denied due to PREEXISTING CONDITIONS?!?! Excuse me?? The adjuster told me to look at the policy on page 1 , it said no rebuilt titles. WELL, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT TO KNOW WHEN I GOT THE POLICY AND WAITED FOR 2 WEEKS OF BACK IN FORTH AND A $500 UNNEEDED TESTING!!!!! BOTTOM LINE , How was I to know that that is a preexisting condition if I NEVER seen the policy information until the very day the claim was denied? I called to explain this , and to tell them the situation and also to explain on top of the $3000 repair and the extra 2 weeks of no vehicle because I had to go through the back in forth emails , pictures, receipts.....I now have a $500 charge that was NOT needed. I lost my job due to Covid the very same day my car wouldn't start, so not only can I really not afford the $3000 but another $500? NO NONE AT OLIVE IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING . If I had gotten the policy paperwork info in the timely manner that was suppose to have happened I would have seen that rebuilt title is a preexisting condition. I TOLD THE REPRESENTATIVE IT WAS REBUILT! NOONE CARES!!! The rep told me , preexisting condition is my starter being out when I get the policy and trying to make a claim , rebuilt titles never entered the conversation. BEWARE THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!! I am NOT finished with this by far!
Cynthia Addison
Cynthia Addison
20:22 03 Nov 20
Jenny Syversen
Jenny Syversen
14:08 30 Oct 20
My daughter took in her Jeep Cherokee as the engine light came on. After investigation it was the thermostat and hoses. All expensive to replace. According to Olive they only fix mechanical issues and not something from environmental wear and tear like belts and hoses. Very disappointed. So much for worry free coverage. My suggestion is don’t waste your money, there are better coverages out there.
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols
23:54 27 Oct 20
Great experience. Stop paying for those overpriced dealer warranties when you can get olive at a 1/3 of the price. Very easy website and simple to purchase.
21:14 26 Oct 20
I have been with this company for a few months and I was skeptical at first but they have been wonderful. My transmission has been replaced and my AC as well. It was quick and easy making a claim as well. Definitely recommend this company!
Corina Brennan
Corina Brennan
20:23 23 Oct 20
Tanner Davis
Tanner Davis
23:26 15 Oct 20
The affordable price and pleasant agents.
Paula Shaw-Madrigal
Paula Shaw-Madrigal
17:07 15 Oct 20
Juan Guzman
Juan Guzman
20:44 14 Oct 20
Alex is Very professional and knowledgeable. Will recommend this company to friends.
Bon B
Bon B
23:28 13 Oct 20
Richard Denhardt
Richard Denhardt
20:16 12 Oct 20
I had the pleasure of working with Arnie. He was extremely patient, kind, and knowledgeable about all the questions that I had.There was no hard sell involved and he responded promptly to both emails and phone calls. We are happy with the price and I will review again at a later date if we need to use the service.
Tracy Swoboda
Tracy Swoboda
18:39 12 Oct 20
I purchased Olive extended car warranty on 10/9/20. The agent that helped me sign up was Scott Watson. Scott was really professional about his job and customer service. Scott explained all the details about getting my car insured with Olive. Olive needs more sales agents like Scott Watson. Olive CEO give this guy a reward with pay raise or a higher position in your company. Thanks Olive and also thanks to Scott Watson. 👍. 😋
David Dunn
David Dunn
01:34 10 Oct 20
Brian Balestrieri
Brian Balestrieri
21:27 08 Oct 20
Kamal Alleyne
Kamal Alleyne
20:45 08 Oct 20
Thank you guys very much communication was fantastic thanks to Tanya! she is great and very helpful.I will recommend olive warranty to anyone!
Deandra Williams
Deandra Williams
20:37 08 Oct 20
TheRep answered and explained everything clearly
Lisagirl1009 Hernandez
Lisagirl1009 Hernandez
22:37 06 Oct 20
great service wonderful person took care of me
Albert Lannutti
Albert Lannutti
23:12 28 Sep 20
Shem S
Shem S
19:19 28 Sep 20
Glenn Cooper
Glenn Cooper
21:12 23 Sep 20
I found this company and was thrilled about the options and the no waiting period or mileage amount to meet since we are not driving anywhere due to the pandemic. However we went to an appointment a week or so later and the car didn’t feel right so I had it towed to the dealership. It was the power steering pump. They didn’t cover it because they requested a picture of the liquid in the pump and because it looked old, they didn’t cover it. Of course it’s old. All the parts are old; the car is old so that just let me know that they won’t cover anything so I canceled and went this a different company.
Jordan Hood
Jordan Hood
18:43 21 Sep 20
Ken May
Ken May
18:26 14 Sep 20
Metro Kleen
Metro Kleen
17:50 10 Sep 20
Renae Ellis
Renae Ellis
05:22 09 Sep 20
Thank you for take the time to answer all my concerns 👍👍👍
Lys Bmw
Lys Bmw
16:49 08 Sep 20
I had a great experience with Olive. I went from considering warranty to being fully covered in 15 minutes. Thank you Barbra so much for your help!!
David Grigorian
David Grigorian
21:26 27 Aug 20
Great customer service by Barbara. This is something new to me and never heard of extended car warranty. I was referred by a friend due to the fact my warranty just ended on my car and having an older car its nice to have that coverage incase anything happen. This was the first place I called, Barbara was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. IJust sign up today. Hopefully I won't ever need it. But it's nice knowing theres some relief should anything happen. Thank you for all your help and making sure i was completely comfortable with what i was signing up for.
Lisa Jimenez
Lisa Jimenez
18:29 20 Aug 20
Thankfully I have no need for a claim but I the security of knowing something major will be covered if the need arises. Sign up was so easy. Scott was very responsive, patient, informative and friendly. I never once felt like I was being pressured or scammed by an over zealous sales rep. I even took a couple of weeks to think it over and research the company. Their website is very forthcoming and if you don't find you answer there, give them a call...they are willing to talk.
Barbara Hendon
Barbara Hendon
17:41 15 Aug 20

how it works.

no waiting period. low monthly payments. choose your coverage.

We believe in providing affordable, accessible coverage. With the tap of a finger activate your coverage. This is coverage without asterisks. Convenient. Straightforward. Comprehensive.

olive’s vehicle service contract provides similar (sometimes better) coverage than what you would get from a manufacturer’s extended auto warranty, and with more customizable options.

request a free quote

Answer a few simple questions, receive a personalized quote based on your specific vehicle. No VIN handy? No worries. We can instantly find your VIN.

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Extended auto warranties and vehicle service contracts are like a promise, only as good as the person making it.

Last year, over 40 million used autos and trucks were sold in the US alone. Many dealers try to include an extended warranty for new and used autos sold, but are all extended auto warranties the same? In a word: no. extended auto warranties are like a promise that is only as good as the person making it.

olive owns and operates Olive Insurance Solutions.  For nearly 15 years our company and its affiliates have been providing vehicle service contracts for cars.  In 2020 gogetolive.com was launched to take our coverage and products to the next level with a fully digital offering built to serve you.  olive is a consumer informed product provider, seeking to offer the best product at the right time in a transparent manner.

Our products, customer service, and reputation for excellence have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve partnered with some of the insurance industry’s largest companies to back us.  We’re in the business of helping you live life covered!

whatever your make or model, we have a plan to fit.